Fondation Vocation is a Belgian vocation foundation which promotes social, cultural and artistic development in the community. The organization strives to live up to and put into action its core values which includes the following: belief in people, pragmatism, trust, and superior standards. It has successfully built and maintained its reputation as one of the most successful community programs in the country. The organization continues to provide people with the skills and support they need in order to pursue their calling and chosen professions.


Fondation Vocation sets itself apart from other similar organizations with its long-term commitment to the community and its members. The organization’s team of caring and dedicated staff members ensures that every person who chooses to participate in the organization’s programs will not only find enrichment in their professional lives, but also in their personal endeavors as well. The organization believes that it is only when the community invests in the future of the youth, that it can start building a better future for everybody.

The mission of Fondation Vocation is to promote individual self-development and economic self-sufficiency through through programs that foster social, cultural and artistic development in the community. It holds regular programs that are designed to educate and maintain pride in one’s talents and skills. Its major goal is to encourage the education and career development through education, training, and awareness programs targeting the youth. A second goal is to perpetuate and enhance the heritage of the local community and to support its living traditions.


What We Do

The work that the organization does is first and foremost about the community —strengthening its members so that they can better reach their dreams and hone their talents. The organizations invests in people because it has a strong belief in the power of the human spirit and what their vision can accomplish. The organization also believes that community members know best what they need to do in order to meet their objectives.

The organization's effectiveness as a vocational foundation rests on the informed judgment and ability to execute of its team members. As its believes in the power of the community, so to does it believe in the strength of the individual. Nonetheless, the organization accepts the limitations of what its can attain, given the extent of its resources. This is why it strives to set out realistic goals - ones that can be accomplished within a set time period. It is fully ready to change course should the situation call for it, in order to ensure the continued success of its programs.


The organization trust the community and its own team to carry out the work that forms the core of its philosophy. Its staff members are committed to using the organizations resources with integrity, honesty, and with a focus on outcomes. The organizations believes in supporting not only the individuals that participate in its programs, but in the strength of the entire community as well. The organization accepts challenges, but it does not second-guess. It hold its members and the community to the highest possible standards, striving for excellence in everything it sets out to do.